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Ayurvedacharya, Ayurvedic Doctors with 47 Years of experience in Epilepsy treatment have joined hands with Neeraj Clinic in fulfilling the dream of Epilepsy free India.

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Award Winning Clinic

Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic Receiving Recognition & Awards for the Remarkable achievements & Outstanding Discovery of Combination Therapy, and Contribution and Achievement in Medical field of India.

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Our Emergency Calling Facility is open to assist you and online Free Counselling over the Call.

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Government Approved

Neeraj Clinic is recognized by government of India – License no. DRA/CEA/PVT/280. Neeraj Clinic offers best epilepsy treatment in India with no doubts.

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Bringing a Revolution in Epilepsy Treatment

All these years we have worked on making your life a little easy, pulling you out of the constant sense of fear from seizures. In our 47+ years of service, we have truly felt the pain you go through due to Seizures and also the sufferings of your family. In very true sense, we felt your pain too. And so with every coming day, we are giving our best to knock down Epilepsy.

The absolute initial step of Seizure treatment at Neeraj Clinic begins with bringing back your lost confidence, pulling you out of the social disgrace and teaching you about Epilepsy in true sense. In last few years, we also realized that there is a need to even educate the society about Seizures, and so we now conduct events in different parts of the country to at least make the society understand not to target you and your Epilepsy.

With pure intentions and clear goals, we brought smile on 158000+ faces and as an add on, even their parents, children or the better-half.

Our point is to overcome any issue between the patient and the treatment. We have country's Best Ayurvedic Doctors & Medical Counselor with us for your better treatment and medication.

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Best Epilepsy Treatment In India

A step by step guide towards an Epilepsy Free Life

We pursue a very simple procedure for Epilepsy Treatment. With our aim to move you on total Ayurvedic treatment and wiping out the unsafe drugs from your life, the outcomes were very strong.

  • Understand the patient's history of Epilepsy and Allopathy medicine, they have been consuming.
  • Analyse their critical index of severity and the root cause of Epilepsy.
  • Then prescribing Ayurveda medicine with some Allopathy, then gradually putting the patient completely on Ayurvedic medication.
  • Take proper follow up to observe how the body is responding to the medicines and if needed, we change the medicines
  • Our Medical Counselor helps the individual to regain the lost confidence and put in their faith in the treatment provided to them.
  • Proper follow up is made about the medicines been taken on time, and send reminders before the medicine is about to finish.

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Over 47 years of experience

Seizures have destroyed many lives and is still continuing on it's path of destruction. After handling a number of cases, it became clear that the fear inside you is used by doctors and clinics to make money. This is when we thought of Ayurvedic Epilepsy Treatment as a way out. After years of research, we clearly understood that Allopathy medicines are way more costlier than the Ayurvedic Treatment.

Experienced Ayurvedic Doctors

We are a group of best Epilepsy Neurologists in India known to treat the Epileptic patients by giving combination therapy with an amazing success rate of 85%. We at Neeraj Clinic have treated more than thousands of patients from all over the world.

Cost efficient treatment

Our treatment cost (including consultation and medicine) around Rs. 35-65 per day compared to Rs.300-400 a day for Allopathic treatment and drugs. With this motivation we continue to promote Ayurvedic Treatment for Seizures. Keeping the cost factor aside, the Allopathic medication has an adverse effect on the individual's health. There have been many cases when people have complaint of permanent memory loss and extreme hormonal changes, like excessive blood loss in females resulting in dysfunction of kidney or liver.

Fast result possible

We Indians have an extremely rich information of Ayurveda from our history, yet we don't depend on it much. Ayurveda has a high achievement rate of Epilepsy Treatment. Whenever contrasted with different medications or surgery, Ayurveda has demonstrated it's effectiveness in various number cases. With no side effect and high chances of permanent relieve from Seizure, Epilepsy Ayurvedic Treatment comes to you at an extremely insignificant expense.

Award Winning Clinic

Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic Receiving Recognition & Awards for the Remarkable achievements & Outstanding Discovery of Combination Therapy. More than thousands of patients have been CURED and they have stopped medicines from 25 Years. They all are smiling, Celebrating and Enjoying their life.

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Neeraj Clinic Celebrates Founder's Day In Honor Of The Birthday Of Founder Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

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Neeraj Clinic is widely accepted and acknowledged by many of the reputed and recognized Indian Nationals.

Justice S.S. Ahmad

(Former Judge, Supreme Court of India)

I am really grateful to you for having examined Mohd. Hussain S/O Mr. Munawar Ali and other child Sameer S/O Mohd. Yusuf for their ailments. Read More...

Judge I.C. Sudhir

(Additional Director and Session Judge)

I am very greatful to the almighty God, who is kind enough to bless Dr. R.K. Gupta on earth with the valuable skill to cure incurable disease like EPILEPSY.Read More...

Dr. H.C. Trivedi

(M.D., D.P.T., M.I.A.P., M.A.P.O., M.R.S.H., (lond.))

Firstly , I want to congratulate you about my daughter Jeeva who is taking your treatment and is absolutely normal. Read More...

Dr. Arun K. Ojha

(Neurosurgery, MBBS (Apollo Hospital, New Delhi))

I am writing this letter to you with a deep sense of gratitude for the treatment you have given me for epileptic seizures which I was getting due to injury . Before coming to you I have tried many treatments. Read More...

IPS V.K Hansuka

(Indian Police Service)

You would recall that I had referred to you shri Sandeep Jain of Jaipur for Treatment of Epilepsy in the month of May 1997. Read More...

Justice R.N. Prasad

(M.S.C., B.L. Visharad Chairman)

I knw Dr. R.K. Gupta, Ayurvedacharya of Rishikesh (UP). He is renowned Ayurvedic Physician . I know that some cases of chronic Epilepsy have been cured by his treatment. Read More...

Mr. R.K. Jindal

(Joint Seceratry)

My son had been suffering from Epileptic Fits for several Years. Continuous Treatment from various renowed doctors of Delhi failed to provide any relief. Read More...

Mr. R.N. Channalia

( Asst. Commisioner of Income Tax )

I am glad to inform you that after taking your medicine , my only son who has been suffering from tuberous sclerosis since his birth, has shown remarkable improvement in health. Read More...

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Neeraj Clinic is widely accepted and acknowledged by many of the reputed and recognised Indian Nationals.

Epilepsy In Brief

Get to know epilepsy better

Epilepsy is also known as Apasmaram. (Apasmaram = Apa + Smaram) Apa means loss and smaram means memory, intelligence or consciousness.
Epilepsy, a chronic neurological disorder which is characterized by brief episodes of voluntary movement of the partial body or the whole body. These voluntary movements are the result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain, known as Convulsions. Seizures are at times accompanied by unconsciousness and froth formation in mouth.

  • Brain damage from prenatal stage
  • Severe head injury
  • Brain infection such as meningitis, encephalitis
  • A tumor in the brain
  • Genetic conditions resulting in brain malformations

With the advancements in medications for Epilepsy Treatment in the last few years, nearly 70% of Epilepsy affected population have gained control over their seizure activity. The medications must be used after proper consultation from a Neurologist. If right medication and advice is provided, it is possible for an individual suffering from Epilepsy to lead a normal life.

Our Expertise

Willing to give you a new life that will be very far from the reach of Epilepsy.

Experienced Doctors

Best Epilepsy Neurologist in India -Neeraj Clinic had treated more than thousands of patients from all over the world.

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