11 February 2019
Nostril breathing treatment to cure seizure disorder

The Nostril breathing treatment to cure seizure disorder is the same as Nadi Shodhana p ...

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16 February 2019
Control Seizure disorder with Pranayama

With the help of pranayama, we can control seizure disorder in epilepsy. In this post, we will le ...

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28 March 2019
What is Epilepsy

In this post, we are going to discuss what is Epilepsy? Before we move to the description part le ...

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10 April 2019
What is a Seizure?

In this post, we will learn about What is a Seizure? A Seizure is also known as fits. Epilepsy fi ...

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17 April 2019
Types of Epilepsy and treatment as per Ayurveda

-In this post, we will describe the various types of Epilepsy in Ayurveda.  In Ayurveda- Epi ...

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13 June 2019
Causes of Epilepsy as per Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic epilepsy treatment, epilepsy can be controlled completely if the medications are bee ...

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18 June 2019
Management of Epilepsy as per Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, a number of natural herbs and medicines have been found to control seizure. For an e ...

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10 July 2019
Combination therapy for Epilepsy as per Ayurveda

Ayurveda recommends certain compound medicines for the treatment of epilepsy. These medications a ...

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12 July 2019
Management of Epilepsy during an attack

This post "Management of Epilepsy during an att ...

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29 July 2019
Epilepsy Awareness -Know Epilepsy and No fear

Epilepsy is a neurological issue that causes sei ...

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31 July 2019
When we beware of Epilepsy then we can be safe from Epilepsy

More than 65 million individuals worldwide live with epilepsy. In India itself, there are 12 mill ...

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