Excerpts from the Appreciations letters for the Book on Epilepsy

Book on Epilepsy
About the Book

This book is a comprehensive study of various methods of treatment, available for epilepsy today. The book is written on the concept of ‘Evidence Based Treatment’, the need of the day and the most appreciated ‘Holistic’ approach to treat incurable diseases like Epilepsy. “

The book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ is found to be very informative. I feel that this book will prove to be a jewel in our library..

Dr. Yukitoshi Takahashi, MD, PhD
Director, Department of Pediatrics,
Gifu Prefectural Gifu Hospital, Japan

The book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ is nicely done, readable volume. It seems to be useful to medical professionals as well as non professionals.

Dr. Engel Jerome, Jr., MD, PhD,
Reed Neurological Research Centre,
ULCA School of Medicine, USA.

The book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ is very intresting and full of knowledge based upon research and cover all aspect of Epilepsy.

Dr. Ahmad Bashir,
Government Hospital of Psychiatric Diseases, Pakistan.

Let me congratulate you it must have been a labor of love. The language is very clear and I am sure not only will medical professionals benefit from it, but so will patients and families

Dr. Raihanah Abdul Khalid
Dept. of Neurology
Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I appreciate your hard work and giving a comprehensive idea on Epilepsy in relevant and short presentation. I felt that it will be an useful book for students as well as practitioners. We would like to have 10 more copies of this book for our Central Library.

Prof. Dr. A C Potowary, MBBS, FRCP (E), DPH
College of Medical Science, Nepal.

I am happy to see a book covering ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ in a simple language. I would like to say that the book is very useful and must be kept in each and every medical library.

Dr Silfvenius Herbert
Professor EM
Dept. of Neurosurgery, Sweden.

The book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ represent a very impressive body of work and I congratulate you on melding together current scientific work with the wisdom of Indian medicine.

Dr. Samuel F Bercovic MD FRACP
Professor, Department of Medicine
The University of Melbourne, Australia

I greatly appreciate your effort in the treatment of epilepsy in your country on the one hand, and in the hard working in compiling your book ‘Epilepsy’ to introduce and overview the available alternative medicine in epilepsy all around the world on the other hand.

Dr. Jing – Jane Tsai, MD.
Division of Epileptology,
National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan.

It is the first time that after reading the book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ I could get so comprehensive information about non – conventional Oriental methods of treatment of epilepsy.

Dr. Valadimir A Mikhailov, MD. PhD,
Deputy Director,
V M Bekhterev Psychoneurogical Research Institute, Russia.

I received your book on Epilepsy. It’s your very interesting and comprehensive writing in a simple way. I think this book will help people to learn in a simple way what epilepsy is. The physician can also learn and explain in a simple way about seizures of general population. I have also learned a great deal about your system of treatment. Congratulations

Dr. Tomas Mesa
Chilean League against Epilepsy
Bureau Chilean Chapter
Southern South America.

I find your book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ very informative. It gives a comprehensive overview of the various holistic approaches in the treatment of epilepsy. The book has been written in a manner, which can be easily understood by common man as well as by experts in this field.

Prof. Dr. V. K. Bhargava, M.D,
Department of Pharmacology
PGI Chandigarh.

Your book fills a long awaited void of an extremely sensible approach to the problem of antiquity by linking knowledge of all pathies. No pathy, whether allopathic, ayurvedic, naturopathy etc. will be successful unless there is sympathy. I adore the academic content, user friendly advises wide coverage and an excellent treaty on an utterly confused and ill-understood topic.

Dr.Ramakant, M.S, F.I.C.S
Professor of Surgery,
King George’s Medical College,

Thank you very much for your book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’. Your book has been kept in our library. We appreciate your book and goodwill.

Prof. Dr.P.K.Dave
Director & Prof of Orthopaedics Dean
AIIMS, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi.

Thanks a lot for your book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’. Your book seems to be an asset to the students on the subject of Epilepsy.

Dr. B. K. Dhaon, Dean,
Maulana Azad Medical College and Associated
G. B. Pant Hospital Delhi.

The book ‘Epilepsy’ is going to be a very useful to all undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as teachers, as it has given a comprehensive note about epilepsy and its management.

Prof. Dr. SBS Mann MBBS, MS, FAMS,
Director – Principal,
Government Medical College Chandigarh.

Your book ‘Epilepsy – Combination Therapy by Alternative Medicine’ reflects the comprehensive study you have undertaken and is simple and convenient.

Dr. Nivedita Desai,
Dean, Pramukh swami Medical College,
Shree Krishna Hospital & Medical Research Center, Gujarat.

Your book is valuable addition to our library & useful for teachers & students of this institution

Dean/Medical Director,
Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s
Medical College, Maharashtra.

Your book has been placed in our library for perusal by staff members and research scholars.

Dr. Amarjit Kaur, Dean,
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Thank you for your book ‘Epilepsy’. I request you to send two more copies for our department of neurology and central library. Looking forward to you with sense of gratitude for more such books.

Prof. Dr. SK Basu
Government Medical College, Calcutta.

Thanks for the receipt of your book ‘Epilepsy’ authored by you. We had added it to the library for the benefits of the students and faculty.

Dean, Kasturba Medical College
Manipal, Karnataka.