Emergency Epilepsy treatment

Emergency Epilepsy Treatment

-Most of the seizures have a tendency to remit themselves and it is not necessary to call a doctor. We require emergency treatment of epilepsy only under the following conditions :

  • Serial seizure
  • Status Epilepticus
  • Epilepsia partialis continua

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Emergency Epilepsy treatment #1 Serial Seizure


  • They are seizures which recur with full recovery in between
  • Common around menstruation
  • Occur on a regular basis


  • Clobazam (Frisium) 10 to 15 mg orally stat
  • For prophylactic management Acetazolamide 250 to 500 mg per day
  • When seizures are troublesome (Exam time, traveling, wedding) one can use Clobazam

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Emergency Epilepsy treatment #2  Status Epilepticus

Features of Status Epilepticus are- 

It is a stage when seizures continue for more than 30 minutes. The patient does not regain consciousness for this whole half an hour. It is present in patients due to the head injury. It may be due to the sudden withdrawal of AED (Anti Epileptic Drugs). Also, it may be due to the structural damage to the brain. It is a part of epilepsy syndrome in children.

Management  –

This is done in a well-equipped hospital under full medical supervision. There are four stages of management.

Stage (I) (0-10 Min)Stage (II) (10-60 Min)Stage (III) (60-90 Min)Stage (IV)(30-90 Min)
Start IV lineMonitoring should be done- puls, blood pressure, temperature and cardiacEstablish the diagnosis.Endotracheal in intubation to be done
Oxygen to be given if necessaryLorazepam 4 mg bolus, to be repeated after 10 minutes and if seizures continue after 30 minutes go into stage 3Phenobarbitone 10 mg/kg at the rate of 100 mg/  min, approx. 700 minutes in an adult.General anesthesia to be given in the form of thiopentone, 2.5 gm with 100 ml diluent, a bolus of 100 to 250 mg is given stat, with a bolus of 50 mg every 2 to 3 minute till the seizure is controlled.
The suction of the throat to be doneManagement of acidosis and other complications Phenytoin 20 mg/kg at the rate of 50 mg/minute
Blood sample to be collected for sugar, urea or electrolytesStart pressor therapy if necessary


Emergency Epilepsy treatment #3 Epilepsia partialis Continua

Features of  Epilepsia partialis Continua

  • Spontaneous regular or irregular clonic twitching of cerebral cortical origin
  • Aggravated by action or sensory stimuli
  • Confined to one part of the body
  • Also known as simple partial motor status epilepticus
  • The condition is difficult to treat and only sometimes responds to phenytoin, sodium valproate, carbamazepine and phenobarbitone

Therefore the crux of management is that the doctor or the emergency services should be called only if :

  • There is a serious injury to the patient
  • The seizure lasts for more than 10-15 minutes
  • If there is a recurrence of seizures
  • Paraldehyde has played a very important role in managing early stages of status in peripheral hospitals, where back up facilities are not available. It can be given IM  or as rectal infusion.


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