Epilepsy and Pregnancy

All about Epilepsy and Pregnancy

– Epilepsy and Pregnancy are as important as the treatment of epilepsy itself. The effect of epilepsy in pregnancy and vice versa has been a topic of discussion for many years. There are certain problems of epilepsy with pregnant women. But it is clear now that most women do not develop an increase in attacks during pregnancy.

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In this post, we will discuss –

  • Preconception counseling
  • Counseling during pregnancy
  • Teratogenic effects of various AED (Anti Epileptic Drugs)
  • Management during labor
  • Management during location period

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Pregnancy and Epilepsy # 1 Preconception Counseling

Preconception counseling includes-

  • Inform the patient about the dangers of seizure to the mother and baby
  • Teratogenic effects of AED should be kept in mind
  • Use of only one drug therapy during pregnancy, avoid multiple drugs therapy
  • If the patient has been seizure free for 5 years, then the patient can quit taking medicine or should be on a nominal dose
  • The patient should take folic acid supplements
  • If the patient has been on AED for less than 3 years then it should be continued

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Pregnancy and Epilepsy # 2 Counseling during pregnancy

  • One should not stop AED during pregnancy
  • The patient should monitor the AED drug regularly to maintain the lowest effective dose
  • Scanning the fetus regularly for malformation
  • The patient should start taking Vitamin K in the last month of pregnancy

Moreover, 90 % of pregnant women having Epilepsy go through pregnancy safely and have normal babies. But, we should remember that seizures during pregnancy can be both physically and psychologically damaging for the mother, baby and the close one.

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Pregnancy and Epilepsy # 3 Teratogenic effects of various AED

The teratogenic effects can disturb the development of the embryo or fetus. It is the worst side effects of Epilepsy and Pregnancy. Teratogens halt the pregnancy or produce a congenital malformation (a birth defect). It includes-

  • Phenytoin- It increases the risk of cleft lip and palate and rarely cardiac defects
  • Carbamazepine – It carries least teratogenic risks, like Neural tube defect and reduces the head circumference
  • Valproic Acid- Neural tube defects, cardiovascular and urogenital malformations

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Pregnancy and Epilepsy # 4 Management during labor

Most women go through labor normally. Only 1 % to 2% has tonic-clonic convulsions that may result in hypoxia to the baby, so AED should continue through labor. The drugs should be given by nasogastric tube or rectally where ever necessary. Cesarean should be there if the patient experience repeated seizure during labor.

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Pregnancy and Epilepsy # 5 Management during location period

During the location period of Pregnancy, the mother having epilepsy should follow-

  • Reduce the dose of AED and bring it to preconception level
  • Encourage breastfeeding
  • Reduce phenobarbitone dose, because it can cause drowsiness in babies
  • The mother should take proper rest and avoid fatigue
  • Add vitamins and calcium supplements in mother’s diet who has epilepsy and is in pregnancy period


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