Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the symptoms of Epilepsy?
Fits are of many types. The symptoms found in most of the cases are:
  • Sudden fainting & falling on the ground
  • Face turning to one side
  • Eyes becoming glossy
  • Clenching of fists
  • Bending of neck to one side
  • Foaming in the mouth
  • Feeling of giddiness/fits for a second
  • Fainting with oh'-oh'/go'-go' sound or even headache with giddiness
  • Seizures during Menstrual period in women before or after.
Any one of these symptom found in a patient could be suffering from epilepsy.
2. As there is no permanent cure for Epilepsy, how far is the treatment effective?
The treatment uproots the disease if taken continuously for prescribed period. Two months prior to the completion of the course, the patient has to come for final check-up. Afterwards Doctor's at Neeraj Clinic taper-off the medicine leaving no chance for relapse in future. The Clinic is treating patients falling in the age group of 5 to 75 years old. Most of the patients are cured within a year they have stopped medicine completely since 15 years and more
3.How much your treatment costs? What is the duration of a treatment?
Our medicines are not so costly. Rates are different for each type of medicine according to the type of epilepsy the patient is suffering from. It takes time but some of the patients feel healthy within a year and they suffer no seizures after discontinuing the medicine.
4. How much medicine is prescribe in the beginning? Is the patient required to take medicine personally or you have some other means of sending medicine?
In the beginning we provide medicine for 3 to 6 months or may be more. Cost of medicines may vary from Rs 20 to Rs 30 per day in some serious cases it may be more and afterwards we send medicine through post. Our clinic is fully computerized and all records are maintained on computers. We send the medicine through VPP at least two months before the patient's medicine actually finishes. Patients are not required to remind for medicine dispatches.
5. Generally, what types of patients come to Neeraj Clinic for treatment?
Doctor's at Neeraj Clinic are having the patients not only from all over India but abroad also. These patients belong to higher strata, medium class and poorer one. Top industrial houses have appreciated our endeavour to combat epilepsy through psychological treatment which proved quite successful.
6. What do you suggests to the patients who are already taking Allopathic medicine? Do you stop their medication or let it continue?
In 95% cases we stop the allopathic or any other medicine the patient is taking, and only prescribe our own medicine which is free from any side effects. In 5% cases we ask them to continue with the Allopathic medicine along with our medicine as there is no harm in continuing both but allopathic medicines are gradually tapered off and then are completely stopped. However in some cases we also give allopathic medicines for some time and then we stop those. Afterwards only Ayurvedic medicines (Brain Tonic) are continued till the course is completed.
7. What does the patient have to do for general diseases such as fever, cold etc.?
The patient can take any Allopathic / Homeopathic / Ayurvedic medicine for such common problems along with our medicine. It will, in no case, affect his treatment.
8. Is it necessary to bring the patient along? What is the nearest way to Rishikesh for the patients living far away?
It is mandatory for the patient to come for the first time to get his pulse checked as this disease is of many kinds and the medicine for each one is different. Patients come to this clinic from all over the globe braving all odds to get the first dose of medicine by Doctor's own hand at this clinic and soon after one can see the results. After taking the medicine, they can go back on the same day. Long distance patients may come to Delhi and then can come to Rishikesh either by train/bus/taxi within 4-5 hours. our clinic is at 20 minutes distance from the bus stand / railway station. Seizure patients or long distance patient may fill up the patient form send us back through Email, Dr. will study the case than send medicine patient must get relief than come for check up or you can call.
9. What about those patients who are taking allopathic medicines of epilepsy from other doctors and are feeling ok. Should they have to stop those medicines while taking your ayurvedic medicines?
No, if the patient is feeling ok then he can continue their old medicines along with our Ayurvedic medicine (Brain Tonic), which will quickly cure epilepsy.
10. What should be done if the patient forgets to take a dose of anti-epileptic drugs?
It is uncommon for many patients to forget to take a dose of their anti-epileptic medication once in a while. Very often the patient may not even remember if a dose was taken or not. In such a situation it is better to take an extra tablet with in the same 24 hours period rather the risking the occurrence of seizure due to low levels of the drugs in patient's blood.
11.Do you hospitalize patients?
No, patient is not required to stay over here as the patient gets immediate relief after taking the first dose of his medicine in Neeraj Clinic. The patient can go home afterwards.
12. Why is it important to take antiepileptic drugs regularly?
The aim of taking anti-epileptic drugs is to obtain adequate control of fits. It is very important to maintain a constant level of the drugs in the brain to control seizures. In order to achieve that, a conf the drug in the blood is required. IT is therefore, very important to take medicines regularly.
13. Do you use steroids in medicine ?
No, we never use steroids in our treatment. "Steroids have nothing to do with Epilepsy. They neither control nor cure Epilepsy". our medicines are tested by the Government Analyst and certified. Government Analyst Lucknow, U.P., under Section 25 (1).Of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 issued Certificate No:D/2366 stating that the medicines were found Negative for Morphine and Steroids. the medicine s were found of standard quality and you can use this medicine in your hospital.
Our medicine has no side effects in any conditions. Our medicines can be consumed irrespective of age from infants to aged patients.

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