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Ayurveda & Apasmar (Epilepsy) The main source of ancient Indian Aryan culture and medicine are the four Vedas that are traditionally believed to be revealed to the sages by Brahma (the creator) some 6,000 years before Christian era.

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A Patient's Experience with Epilepsy/Fits/Seizures and Neeraj Clinic

Epilepsy/Fits/Seizures Treatment

What is Epilepsy ?

Epilepsy (seizure disorder, fits) is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent instances of seizure or tremors.
Seizures occurs when the electrical discharges of a large number of neurons become abnormally linked together, creating a storm of electrical activity in the brain.

What Untreated Seizures can cause?

  • Injuries
  • Falls: Fractures, TBI, dental injury
  • Accidents
  • Aspiration: Pneumonia, lung abscesses
  • Burns
  • Drowning
  • Continuous seizure activity and death



  • Protect the person from injury
  • Remove sharp objects
  • Only move the person if they are in a dangerous place
  • Protect the head from injury
  • As soon as convulsions have ceased, turn the person into the 'recovery position' to keep airway clear


  • Put anything in the person's mouth or force anything between their teeth - they cannot swallow their tongue
  • Restrain the person
  • Give anything to drink until consciousness is fully regained
  • Do not try and physically hold the person, this may injure both the person and the helper.

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