Nature Therapy In Epilepsy Treatment

Some people with Epilepsy turn to natural treatments and alternative therapies to help relieve their symptoms. From herbs and vitamins to biofeedback and acupuncture, there is a number to choose from as a Nature Therapy in Epilepsy Treatment. Epilepsy is traditionally treated with anti-seizure medications.
These medications may not work for everyone, and they come with a risk of side effects. However, a modest amount of research backs some natural therapy in epilepsy. There’s far less evidence supporting natural treatments for epilepsy than conventional medicine.
There are many Nature Therapy options for Epilepsy Treatment at Neeraj Clinic. Below we have provided detailed to helps you in the journey of choosing the right treatment for you.



As per Ayurveda, the causes of Epilepsy are directly related to the lifestyle of personal and emotional factors and environmental stimuli.
Improper care of the body, like overwork, bad postures, lack of exercise, suppression of natural urges, sexual intercourse during menstruation, and excessive or inappropriate use of sense organs, can lead to seizures or epilepsy.
Emotional factors like passion, anger, fear, greed, bewilderment, joy, grief, worry, anxiety, excitement, or agitation can lead to seizures or epilepsy.
Self-control is a one-of-a-kind Epilepsy Treatment Therapy you can only find at Neeraj Clinic, one of India's best Epilepsy Treatment Clinics. One of our best practitioners, Dr. Y.N. Malhotra, specializing in Ayurvedic Epileptic seizure treatment, is a renowned Epilepsy Specialist. He is an Ayurvedacharya and has treated over more than fifty thousand (50k +) patients to date with a high recovery rate.


Both are important. The only question is which one gets priority.
If you love yourself:

  • • You feel responsible for the result of your actions
  • • You are concerned with what is right
  • • You are more likely to act/make decisions with rationality
  • • You will have peace
  • • You will have high self-esteem.

But too much self-love can make you selfish, making you not notice your mistakes. Thus, no improvement can be achieved.

If you are selfish:
  • • You blame others for your actions
  • • You accept your deteriorating condition
  • • You are more likely to act/make decisions with impulse/irrationality
  • • You have a disturbed mind
  • • You have low self-esteem.

Suppose you don’t like others just because of their otherness. In that case, it can easily make you a hostile person just because of their otherness. It’s a common cause for a person to judge another that they didn’t know. You rely only on false information and imagination.
According to Hindu mythology, Apasmara is a dwarf who represents spiritual ignorance and meaningless speech. To rule Apasmara, Shiva took the form of Sri Naṭaraja, the Lord of Dance, and performed the cosmic dance of Taṇḍava. During this dance, Sri Naṭaraja suppressed Apasmara.
Self-love means accepting the way we are and having affection towards our mind and body.
Until you accept yourself, a person who lives with epilepsy, it is difficult to achieve any positive results with treatments.
To love ourselves, we must first know our emotions, thoughts and accepting the way we are, and forming a good self-concept is the first step towards loving ourselves.
For your success and happiness, love yourself first because you can only give others love and care. Then find yourself a high-quality relationship with those that matter. You will experience how good it is to feel accepted in your community.
Although it can seem difficult, loving yourself is worth the effort. You will be happier and better able to love other people if you love yourself.
“The true essence of life: wonderful, meaningful, enjoyable, and most fulfilling
The Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic also offers to counsel to its patients. Dr. P.P. Garg is an Epileptic seizure expert. A Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery who is known to treat epileptic patients with ease. He is one of the best-consulting doctors at Neeraj Epilepsy Center. Visit the Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic, where you can meet the best Ayurvedic epilepsy specialists.



As per Ayurveda, the causes of Epilepsy are directly linked to the lifestyle of a person. Poor eating habits, such as poor hygiene and unbalanced diets, can lead to epilepsy or seizures.
Ketogenic diet
This diet should include high-fat and low-calorie foods. The best results are obtained in childhood epilepsy if the drugs have not worked but are also used in epileptic adults. The doctor prescribes, and the dietetic adjusts and monitors the personalized ketogenic diet.
The name ketogenic means that it initiates ketones in the body. Ketones are formed when our body uses fat as a source of energy. Usually, our body uses carbohydrates (sugar, bread, pasta) as fuel. And because the ketogenic diet in carbohydrates is deficient, fat will be the primary fuel. As a result, high ketone levels can improve seizure control.
High-fat foods used in the diet: butter, heavy whipping cream, mayonnaise, and oils (canola or olive). But it doesn't matter how much you eat of it. The dietitian will help to determine the exact amount.
you can also boost your immune system with ayurveda. read this article for more information.


Panchakarma is always done under the supervision of a medical doctor and/or an Ayurvedic physician. The program is specialized and is tailored to your mind-body constitution or doshas.


A panchakarma program usually includes the following:

      • Herbal oil massages
      • Gentle laxatives (senna)
      • Nasal administration
      • Steam baths
      • Specialized diet
      • Cleansing enemas

The effects are powerful and long-lasting. The entire program uses your body's detoxification channels to heal you and facilitate deep-rooted stress release that may have held for years. Many people find panchakarma to be a powerful and unexpected journey into the healing process.

The panchakarma process is made up of three components:

      • Preparation phase (poorva karma) prepares your body to elimination imbalances. This includes steps to help release stored toxicity.
      • Principal procedures (pradhana karma) are the next task to remove the toxins.
      • Post-therapy procedures (paschat karma) also considered the rejuvenation phase, are the time to implement the tools taught to help sustain the new and improved you.

It is possible to accomplished this by regularly practicing the following:

      o Yoga
      o Meditation
      o Dosha-specific diet
      o Daily abhyanga
      o Pranayama

For maximum efficiency, the duration of treatment is usually 21 days, but there are shorter (7 and 14 days) programs, depending on how much the patient lived healthily in the past.

source: An Introduction to Panchakarma by Vasant Lad, MASc, Ayurveda Today, 1994



International Ayurvedic Medical Journal published a case report. A patient was a 24 years old man with complaints of partial epileptic seizures for 7 years. An EEG showed evidence of epilepsy. Panchakarma was done without withdrawing the ongoing AED and those with seizures.

Marked improvement was observed after Panchakarma in the severity of the attack, frequency of attack, duration of the attack, and postictal features.

He got discharged after one month without any evidence of complication. He considers his epilepsy as part of his health towards the best health imaginable state.

You can find the best Ayurveda doctors at Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic. With the Combination of Ayurvedic + Regular Psychological Counseling + Nature Therapy + Prayers = Successful Treatment available, accessible and affordable to patients. Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic helps to transform the lives of patients with Epilepsy.


Yoga offers a contemporary approach to treating seizures. Yoga aims to restore the balance between the parts of one's body that can cause seizures.

Asana (Yoga Posture)

These physical exercises increase a person’s physical strength, helping to restore metabolism. They play a role in maintaining mental health and, last but not least, reducing the number of seizures.


Upset of calm and stress are known causes of seizure activity. Meditation can increases the level of serotonin within the body. This helps calm the nervous system calm. Meditation improves blood flow and slows down the stress hormone production. Relaxation techniques are a well-known ultimate tool for seizure control.


There is a way that if the patient feels the onset of the seizure, he can reverse the process in time. Pranayama technic, the rapid holding of breath, can help in this. This controlled diaphragmatic breathing helps restore normal breathing.

At Neeraj Clinic, our medical counselor’s main job is to motivate patients physiologically, boost their positive thinking, and initiate their minds. If you want to control your seizure disorder with Pranayama, read this article.



Laughing Yoga is a form of laughter where you don’t laugh at jokes, not comic scenes, but unconditionally. Simply because they desire to laugh and because they know that laughter has many effects that improve health and well-being. Laughing Yoga is a “conscious presence” practice that helps us connect to our consciousness’s true, joyful nature.

Laughing Yoga is a short but effective training method based on special exercises that trigger the laughter released from your practitioners artificially and spontaneously.
The advantage is that self-agitated, feigned laughter is easily transformed into real, honest, natural laughter, especially when it is practiced in the company.

Laughter Yoga is often practiced outside in nature at local public parks. This may also help boost serotonin levels in the brain if the day is sunny. A low level of serotonin has been well documented as one of the major causes of depression. Patients suffering from major depression are six times more likely to experience an unprovoked seizure compared to the general population.

Laughing yoga can be used effectively to prevent the harmful effects of stress on health, process the effects of stress that have already accumulated, and thus prevent diseases actively.

“There is a large body of literature on serotonin receptors (5-HT receptors) and seizures. In general, an increase in extracellular 5-HT levels curbs seizures, and a reduction does the opposite. These receptors are responsible for many of the drug's mechanisms of action. Many anti-epileptic drugs, cause an increase in extracellular 5-HT, and the elevated 5-HT may contribute to their mechanism of action.” (source: ILAE, Epilepsia, 2011)

After the session, most people experience a significant improvement in their general well-being, an increase in their tolerance to others, an increase in their physical and mental strain, and an improvement in their ability to withstand stress. It provides significant calorie release and is an excellent supplement to any diet or weight loss. Last but not least, it improves the appearance in a way that conjures a clean, radiant, open look that rejuvenates, beautifies, and improves posture, and increases one's self-esteem by acting on the caress.

“Laughing” epileptic seizure

A rare form of seizure pertaining to sudden surge of energy, sometime in the form of laughter is described as gelastic seizure. This condition is usually uncontrollable and occurs without apparent cause. This syndrome is slightly more common among males than it is among females. The main sign of a gelastic seizure is the sudden burst of laughter, which may seem more unpleasant and sarcastic than joyful. The outburst lasts for a minute or less.

Talk to your doctor if you are interested in adding something new into your epilepsy treatment. Visit the Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic, where trained professionals will prescribe personalized treatment for you and accompany you from recognizing the problem to healing.

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