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Frequently Asked Questions

1 in every 200 people in the community- Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorder. In India, it is estimated that there are over five million people with epilepsy. Along with one million with medically refractory epilepsy. There are nearly half a million people with focal epilepsies, and in a majority of them, surgery cures or controls epilepsy.

Medication and Treatment

In epilepsy treatment, there have been major breakthroughs in the past few years. Over more than half of the people with epilepsy have good control of their seizures with medications. At present, there are over 15 different types of medications available for the treatment of fits at Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic.

General Query

  • The patient can take any Allopathic / Homeopathic / Ayurvedic medicine for such common problems along with our medicine
  • It is uncommon for many patients to forget to take a dose of their anti-epileptic medication once in a while. Very often the patient may not even remember if a dose was taken or not. In such a situation it is better to take an extra tablet within the same 24 hours period rather
  • In 95% cases, we stop the allopathic or any other medicine the patient is taking and only prescribe our own medicine which is free from any side effects. In 5% cases, we ask them to continue with the Allopathic medicine along with our medicine as there is no harm in continuing both but allopathic medicines
  • No, if the patient is feeling ok then he can continue their old medicines along with our Ayurvedic medicine (Brain Tonic), which will quickly cure epilepsy.


It is the main job of our medical counselors to motivate patients physiologically, to boost up their positive thinking and initiate in their mind.

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