Symptoms of Epilepsy

What are the symptoms of Epilepsy?

Taking the case history is not easy in Epilepsy, because the patient is not able to give details of events during an attack. In most of the cases, it is a close friend or the family member who comes out with the facts. It is important to know the fits details so that we can know the cause of epilepsy. The symptoms and signs may change in patients on Anti Epileptic Drugs. The various symptoms of Epilepsy are :

  • Aura, and
  • Seizures

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Symptoms of Epilepsy # Aura

Aura is the sensation or warning experienced by a patient before the onset of an attack. In this stage, consciousness is not altered and the patient may experience it in many forms, without losing consciousness.

Aura can be in the form of feeling numbness in any part of the body and headache lasting for days. Patients feel a sensation of pain in epigastrium(the upper central region of the abdomen) with vomiting and vertigo. This is one of the major symptoms of Epilepsy.

Sometimes the patient feels a sensation of uncertain smell and flashing of lights and sounds in the ear. An aura is a form of simple partial seizure and it is not necessary that every patient will have an aura.

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Symptoms of Epilepsy # Seizure

Seizure in the most common symptoms in people suffering from epilepsy. If you want to learn more about what is a seizure, then please refer to the article about a seizure.


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