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In January 1985, we began a life-affirming journey with the opening of Neeraj Clinic in Rishikesh as an Epilepsy Treatment Clinic In India. A tribute to society, our intent was to make comprehensive treatment. With the Combination of Ayurvedic + Regular Psychological Counseling + Nature Therapy + Prayers = Successful Treatment available, accessible and affordable to Indians. We bridge the gaps in the existing healthcare fabric; and empower patients and their families to make informed medical choices. In a nutshell, this Epilepsy Treatment Clinic In India is to transform the epilepsy patient’s life. At Neeraj Clinic we help them to live a fits free life which is full of Hopes, Dreams, skills, and Motivation.

Ayurveda Epilepsy Treatment
Epilepsy Treatment Clinic In India

Transforming Lives

The word transformation, by its very nature, indicates a profound change, a metamorphosis from one state to another. Such a process cannot be rapid or finite—it is a product of seeing, learning, understanding, and development. Our evolution has been no different. Over the past Thirty-Five years, we have begun to see more clearly the rising Epilepsy Patients in Indian society and about their struggle apart from seizures. We learn how these chasms can be filled; understand how the seizures/Epilepsy fits can be controlled 100%, to make the patients live a harmonically/peaceful normal life.

Powering this growth has been a confluence of the finest medical team round the clock owing to our full-time specialist system. Along with state-of-the-art technology, with a host of Indian and regional firsts. For instance, we at Neeraj Epilepsy Centre - The Epilepsy Treatment Clinic In India, were able to control the epilepsy seizures/ fits of the patients. This gave us huge motivation to work more and grow more in terms of cover maximum patients not only across India but across Globe.

Roles and Responsibility

While we are proud of the tremendous strides we have achieved as a Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic. We have also become keenly aware of the bigger picture. There is a greater India beyond our metros with scant access to basic Epilepsy awareness. We are continuously working to reach all the corner of our nation and let people become aware of Epilepsy.

Indeed, we believe that with ability comes responsibility. With this in mind, we recently announced that we will operate free camps for poor people to bridge the abyss between our cities and the hinterland. We are determined to leverage all our ability and expertise to achieve breakthroughs in the battle against Epilepsy, one of the biggest public health challenges of our time.

This is a significant milestone in our journey to extend the embrace of care and compassion. At Neeraj Epilepsy Centre tries to reach more people. We try to touch-and save more lives, overcoming the challenges of geography, economics, and demography. Going forward, Neeraj Clinic - The Epilepsy Treatment Clinic In India is impelled by commitment, not commerce. Neeraj Epilepsy Centre is driven by passion and purpose, not profit, we pledge to intensify our efforts to promote health, spread hope and enrich humanity.

We have been able to successfully treat more than 1 lakhs of patients across Globe and we are continuously looking forward to work on the epilepsy-free nation.

Epilepsy Treatment Clinic In India

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It is the main job of our medical counselors to motivate patients physiologically, to boost up their positive thinking and initiate in their mind.

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